WarCraft III: The Last Guardian

WarCraft III: The Last Guardian is my third custom campaign for the award-winning Real-Time-Strategy game WarCraft III. The focus lies on puzzle solving and immersive storytelling. The story is based on the eponymous WarCraft novel, written by Jeff Grubb.

Key Features

  • 3 cinematic maps and 7 single-player maps with point & click adventure gameplay.
  • Solve puzzles by using/combining items or talking to NPCs.
  • Story based on the novel The Last Guardian: The epic tale of the powerful wizard Medivh and his struggle against the malice within him, and how it changed the world forever.
  • High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets.
  • Free to play for all owners of WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne.

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Cinematic Prologue - The Violet City

The young mageling Khadgar is given the task to travel to Karazhan and assist the powerful wizard Medivh.

Map Specific Features

  • Map that consists of nothing but cutscenes.
  • Introduces the setting, the protagonist Khadgar, and his masters.
  • Set in the magical kingdom of Dalaran. Features a violet color palette and many tall buildings.

Campaign Mission 1 - Karazhan

On his way to Karazhan Khadgar gets robed and has to get his belongings back.

Map Specific Features

  • Introduction to gameplay mechanics: Fixed camera system, use of items, and lockpicking.
  • Some unconventional puzzles: activate gateways, avoid mines and control a goblin to repair a tower
  • Eerie setting with bandits, ghosts and the mystic tower Karazhan looming over the map.

Campaign Mission 2 - Interview with the Magus

Khadgar introduces himself to the wizard Medivh and learns to make potions with Alchemy.

Map Specific Features

  • Introduction to new gameplay mechanics: Conversations with NPCs and creating potions with Alchemy.
  • The player learns more about Khadgar, Medivh and his other servants.
  • Detailed indoor environment with many custom assets.

Campaign Mission 3 - Battle and Aftermath

Medivh and Khadgar fly to the Black Morass. While Medivh is called away, Khadgar helps the Human Expedition against the orcs.

Map Specific Features

  • Tests each of the skills the player has learned so far.
  • Several battles offer a change of pace.
  • Highly detailed swamp setting with numerous custom trees and buildings.

Cinematic Interlude - Sands in an Hourglass

Khadgar and Medivh return to Karazhan. While Medivh has to depart again, Khadgar activates another vision about Medivh's mother.

Map Specific Features

  • Map that consists of nothing but cutscenes.
  • The player learns more about Medivh's background.
  • Mixes the familiar Karazhan environment with a surreal snow world.

Campaign Mission 4 - Stormwind

Medivh and Khadgar are called to Stormwind to help with the investigation of a murder.

Map Specific Features

  • Investigate a murder similar to the TV series CSI. The Player questions suspects and gathers information.
  • Very large map with distinctive areas. Teleporters help get across the map quickly.
  • Map layout roughly based on the city Stormwind featured in World of Warcraft.

Campaign Mission 5 - Second Shadow

A new visitor arrives at Karazhan. When Khadgar finds out who that visitor is, he starts questioning the allegiance of his master Medivh.

Map Specific Features

  • Revisiting the tower of Karazhan with new rooms, NPCs and objectives.
  • Introduction to a second playable character with new abilities.
  • More background information on all characters and a shocking twist.

Campaign Mission 6 - Flight

Khadgar and his new ally learn the truth about Medivh. They flee from the Tower to reach Stormwind.

Map Specific Features

  • Two playable heroes with matching abilities.
  • New abilities to solve puzzles: Open portals or take control of weak-minded NPCs.
  • Detailed exterior environment with farms and villages.

Campaign Mission 7 - The Breaking of a Mage

Khadgar and his allies return to Karazhan to confront Medivh.

Map Specific Features

  • Revisiting the tower of Karazhan with new rooms and puzzles.
  • Final playable where the player has to use everything he has learned.
  • Puzzle-Combat system that allows the player to master counter-attacks to beat enemies.

Cinematic Epilogue - Full Circle

Khadgar talks to a familiar face who has been watching him the whole time.

Map Specific Features

  • Map that consists of nothing but cutscenes.
  • Conclusion and aftermath to the story. Also features the full credits list.
  • Just outside Karazhan: The eerie setting gives way to a more uplifting atmosphere.