WarCraft III: Lord of the Clans

WarCraft III: Lord of the Clans is my first custom campaign for the award-winning Real-Time-Strategy game WarCraft III. It features a mix of RTS and RPG elements and focuses heavily on the story of Thrall, the protagonist. The story is based on the eponymous WarCraft novel, written by Christie Golden.

Key Features

  • 3 cinematic maps and 9 single-player maps with RPG and RTS gameplay.
  • Varied gameplay with a mix of stealth, army warfare, and mini-games that keeps the experience fresh and fun.
  • Story based on the novel Lord of the Clans: The epic tale of the orc hero Thrall before he became Warchief of the Horde.
  • High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets.
  • Free to play for all owners of WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne.

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Cinematic Prologue - The Shadow Council

Gul'dan gathered the most ruthless warlocks to form the Shadow Council.

Map Specific Features

  • Map that consists of nothing but cutscenes.
  • Introduces the setting.

Campaign Mission 1 - Live and Let Die

Durotan, leader of the Frostwolf clan, meets with Doomhammer, warchief of the Horde, to discuss traitors in their midst.

Map Specific Features

  • Introduces the protagonist's family and the main villain.
  • Set in the cold, mountainous regions of Alterac.
  • Control two powerful heroes.

Campaign Mission 2 - Gladiator

Thrall's youth as a gladiator and his first memories of his friends and enemies.

Map Specific Features

  • Arena combat.
  • Multiple cutscenes.

Campaign Mission 3 - Unchained

The orc Thrall breaks free from his prison and flees from Durnholde with the help of a friend.

Map Specific Features

  • Introduction to RPG and and minor stealth gameplay.
  • Player can fight enemies to get experience or choose to avoid them.
  • Map consists of a village and wilderness area with many different types of enemies.

Campaign Mission 4 - Lethargy of the Orcs

Thrall gets captured, is brought to an internment camp and meets other orcs for the first time.

Map Specific Features

  • Combat-heavy map with with lots of opportunities to use abilities.
  • Complete optional quests to get additional items or enlist the aid of wolves.
  • Features an internment camp and multiple farms.

Campaign Mission 5 - Hunger

Thrall is painfully hungry and forced to sneak into a human village, to steal food.

Map Specific Features

  • Stealth mission designed to avoid confrontation.
  • Additional optional objectives.
  • Set in a large village in the autumn.

Cinematic Interlude - Hellscream

Introduction to Grom Hellscream and his undefeated Warsong clan.

Map Specific Features

  • Map that consists of nothing but cutscenes.
  • The player learns more the current state of the orcs and orcish culture.
  • Set in an underground base managed by orcs.

Campaign Mission 6 - Lonely Wolf

Thrall sets out to find the Frostwolf clan. After meeting them he is challenged to complete a set of tasks.

Map Specific Features

  • The first half focuses on finding enemies as quickly as possible and looting them for health.
  • The second half focuses on a variety of objectives: Escort allied units, conquer enemy bases.
  • Also features mini-games which have the player capture wild animals or gather lumber.

Campaign Mission 7 - Path of the Shaman

Thrall is accepted as a member of the Frostwolf clan. Now he must prove that he is worthy to walk the path of the shaman.

Map Specific Features

  • The player must complete five tasks, one foreach of the elements of nature.
  • Features a variety of mini-games: avoid enemies, race against time, guide friendly units, and more.
  • Set in a cold, mountainous environment controlled by orcs and wolves.

Campaign Mission 8 - The Horde Awakens

Thrall and his brethren unite to liberate their orc brothers from the internment camps.

Map Specific Features

  • Gameplay inspired by MOBA games.
  • Control three heroes with different abilities.
  • Aid a large army to free orcs from an internment camp.

Campaign Mission 9 - Siege of Durnholde

Thrall and his army take on the commander of the internment camps and his former owner Blackmoore.

Map Specific Features

  • Features base-building and RPG elements.
  • Build up a base, train an army, and destroy three enemy bases.
  • Huge map with many human settlements.

Campaign Mission 10 - Call for Freedom

Thrall chases Blackmoore through an underground tunnel and engages him in a final battle.

Map Specific Features

  • Indoor mission with a variety of traps and enemies.
  • One-on-one boss fight.
  • Desolate underground base with a dark atmosphere.

Cinematic Epilogue - Call for Freedom

Thrall ties up loose ends and addresses his people.

Map Specific Features

  • Map that consists of nothing but cutscenes.
  • Conclusion and aftermath to the story. Also features the full credits list.
  • Features a warm, sunny setting in an uplifting atmosphere.